#105 – Public Transit Etiquette, Online Dating, Bumble vs Tinder, Art

Home Before Dark
Home Before Dark
#105 - Public Transit Etiquette, Online Dating, Bumble vs Tinder, Art

You’re definitely going to want to swipe right on this episode.  Kevin and Tim are joined again by Angie to discuss the dating landscape in 2017.  Tim and Angie met on Bumble and discuss what their experiences were as well as their misfortunes.  Kevin is indoctrinated into the fold and they all talk about how difficult it can be just to find a real person on the other end to talk to.  How to navigate the where and when it’s “okay” to get back into dating, and what it’s like filtering your social media past with a future outlook.  Find Angie Coccoma’s work on Etsy at www.angiecoccoma.etsy.com or on Instagram at @AngieCoccoma.

Home Before Dark hearkens back to a time when you and your friends in the neighborhood were forced inside. Where you discovered a level of brotherhood/sisterhood that could only be forged through playing video games, watching movies, television and discussing the finer things in life over an Orange Lavaburst Hi-C and Bagel Bites. We take the time out to talk about the current games we’re playing, movies we’ve seen recently(new or old) and all the things in between.

It’s almost that time.  The streetlights just came on and you had better leave soon to be Home Before Dark.  Find the whole gang on twitter @timherb and @the_ARC1TECT and collectively @HomeB4Dark

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